Construction Management

We maximize the customer’s benefit with Sangji’s know-how.

We comprehensively and systematically manage the whole life cycle of the construction business.
Today we are also accomplishing the goal of Sangji, which is a safe future and building trust.

Sangji aims to successfully achieve projects by fulfilling the design regulations, securing the perfect quality and improving the quality of construction.

In addition, we have great expertise in systematic and efficient construction inspection and project management such as CM, VE, etc. along with excellent manpower in the design and construction inspection area and their cohesive cooperation.

Know-HowSangji System

  • We confirm whether the construction is enforced according to the design drawing of the building or building equipment.

  • We instruct and supervise the management of quality, environment, safety and construction.

  • We maximize the efficiency of the construction business by joining comprehensive management, including general work.

  • We support manpower with enriched field experience from the launch of a project to its completion.

Successful Performance of Construction Business ManagementSangji System

효율성(Efficieny) + 전문성(Specialty) + 경제성(Economical efficiency) + 투명성(Transparent)

  • 01 Applying the efficient management technique of CM by business step
  • 02 Reasonable performance of business management system
  • 03 Accomplishing an expert networking system from the very early stage of the business
  • 04 Reducing the construction period and saving cost through deliberate business management
  • 05 Saving business cost through VE
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