Heo, Dong Yoon


Heo, Dong Yoon President / CMP / Architect

Based on creative design and continued technology development, we have taken the lead in the progress of architectural culture along with social development.

By providing high-quality service on the basis of our specialized design and technology, our company has established itself as an excellent company in the fields of architectural design and engineering.

And we have taken a powerful step as a leading global company by participating in a number of overseas projects with our pioneering spirit as well as investment for the future. In addition, we have contributed to the world by providing a discursive field in cities as well as architecture, not aiming for corporate profit but for the purpose of fulfilling a sense of duty as a specialized architectural organization.

Since it was established in 1974, Sangji Environment & Architects, Inc. (Sangji) has been driven by a continuous and authentic affection for architecture with each step.

Heo, Dong Yoon President / CMP / Architect

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